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Kola Peninsula

The Kola Peninsula — it's the tundra, mountains, countless rivers and lakes. No. Not so countless. On the Kola Peninsula are more than 111 000 lakes. The biggest one — Imandra in the central part of Peninsula near the Khibiny Tundras.

Kola Peninsula is a cold and very windy place above Arctic Circle and these factors, along with the permafrost, limit the growth of most trees, yielding a landscape that dominated by grasses, wildflowers and sparse shrubs. Herds of wild reindeers visit these grasslands in the summer, when the regions turns from white to lush green and the flowers add a carpet of color to an otherwise barren scene. And while in Moscow are blossom the cherry and lilac in Murmansk and Khibiny people are skiing.

But not all is the same and Kola Peninsula looking lifeless on the North is completely different on the South. Only 120 km on the South from lifeless coast Russian produсer found a place for filming a fairy-tale "Morozko", and 200 km on South were filming story about Ukraine.

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