In 2007 a team of scientists have did a discovery — found in the tundra of the Kola Peninsula ancient man-made pyramids.

It’s very difficult to guess to the hills covered with moss and dwarf trees are the ancient pyramids.

The Pyramids of Kola Peninsula are two stone structure 50 meters height, oriented by a cardinal directions and connected with a tunnel. The pyramids are man-made, but nobody knows how it was used.

The Pyramids of Kola Peninsula are elder than the Egyptian, and were built 9 000 years ago, and were built up twice; inside the pyramids are the chambers with unknown function.



The discovery is shown — Egypt isn’t the cradle of civilization and knowledge came from the North, but stays another question: who constructed the pyramids?

The legendary Hyperboreans that Pliny the Elder wrote about in his "Natural History"?

Or the Biarmians, described  in the ancient Icelanders sagas?

Or aliens from the Ursa Major?

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