Raven's stone

The Raven’s stone or Raven’s eye is a megalith constructed on the slope of Murmansk Tundra.

Probably the Raven’s stone was constructed for witchcraft, call of the spirit and/or sacrifice.

Raven's stone

The entrance is on the west of megalith, opposite the altar engraved with an arrow oriented from east to west.

The Raven’s stone is a construction from three big stones: big one lays at two big standing one foot apart each other.

From the north the megalith is fenced with a double line of stones, which is not allowed to cross.

It’s unknown how the Raven’s stone was used in the past, but nowadays the inhabitants of Murmansk used it for a barbecue, nevermind to the stone is charged as any seyd.

Visit the stone need to know some rules:

Be careful touching the stone

Not step up on the altar

Not take the food or things laid at the altar — this is presented for Gods.

The arrow at the altar

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