All tourist travelling the Kola Peninsula are doing the photo of seyds — a sacred object of the peoples of northern Europe, — strange constructions done from stones.

The construction of seyd looks like a pyramids were on the 3-4 small stones set big one.


What are these constructions? There are several versions:

1.Saami’s wizard, after death turned into stones;

2.The magical stones

3.People, turned into stones in punishment

4.The energy transmitters


The scientists exploring the seyds found that the stones change the radiation background, lowering and raising it. The seyds are linked and the energy is transmitted from one stone to another, creating a single chain.

1930th the Nazis were researched the seyds and talked with Saami’s shamans. The result of these studies was the attempt to create a super-weapon for the destruction of England.

With the help of stones energy Nazis wanted to create a local cataclysm, squeeze time and turn the entire population of Britain into impotent, dying old people or destroy the islands by a directed earthquake.

The idea about the cataclysm was created by "Anenerbe" after reading the Indian Vedas where the stones were described as a crystallized time.

Likely the Nazis were added to affirmation of Veda the words of Russian genius Kozyrev: "Time is the most powerful energy of the Universe", and tried to create a weapon of the time.

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