Seyd - what it is?

The stone seyd has different configuration, but usually it is an installation with one big stone is set at 3-4 small stone. It is at least 4 versions — what is the seyd, but the seyd is a transformer and transmitter of the Earth’s energy.

To seyd transform and transmit the energy, the installation is done from the stone with a quartz able to collect, transform and transmit the energy (nowadays this quartz property used in radio and telecommunication to create the carrier wave).

But for installation are used not all stones but the stones from a geological fault and the seyd is install also on the geological fault to get the energy goes out from the Earth, transform it and transmit it to the surrounding area.

After installation of the seyd is done a setting of wave with a tambourine.

Just because the seyd is the the transformer and transmitter it is not allowed to speak loudly near the seyd and need to turn the music off.

To take the energy from seyd needs to touch it but be careful and not overload.

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