What is mean?

On the page are the versions of the origin of the names used on the Kola Peninsula.



On the Kola Peninsula are several place, called “Kola”, including the name of Peninsula. Usually researchers are explaining the mean using the word: 1. Common Slavonic word “Kolo” meaning — a circle 2. Saami word “kul” — the fish But more likely the word “Kola” has an ancient Russian origin and means “a Polar Star”. In this case the name “Kola” mean — under Polar star or the most northern.


What mean a word “Murman”? In the Wikipedia the etymology of word “Murman” explained as Northman or Norwegian (ancient Russian), but it is not right. In the ancient Russian language is the word “nurmy” — a reindeer pastures. On the photo — the Murman coast near Teriberka. The yellow colors — the trees, the grey colors — reindeer moss. The inhabitants of Pomorie — north part of Russia, called the north part of Kola Peninsula — nurmy, and word with a metathesis was transformed in the Murman — the land of the reindeer pastures.


The name of river sometimes is translated as the river flowing in a reverse. On the maps the estuary of Tuloma river is near a town Kola. The height of tide on the Kola gulf is more than 3 meters and during the flow the water moves in the reverse, and it’s really looks like the river flows in the reverse, but it is not right. The estuary of Tuloma river is near town Murmashi, where the river flows into the gulf. The estuary of Tuloma is a rapids where in 1937 was constructed the hydro power station. In the ancient Russian the word “rapids” is “tulom”; and the name “Tuloma” means — the rapids.
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