Great mountain spirit of Khibiny

Since the creation of the world lives in the Khibiny Tundras a Great Mountain Spirit. Few people saw him, but maybe they are lie telling a story about the Spirit, because they are tell different story. Somebody tells the Spirit is an old man with a white beard and hair, and his eyes are black. Another people claim the Spirit is young and handsome, with a long black hair and eyes. But all they tell the Spirit is very tall, as ten old pines and he need only to glance at people to know what they are thinking.

In the spring, when the snow come from the mountains down and till the fall the Mountain Spirit is hunting for the deer with a black head and golden horns. But when the first snow falls on the mountains, the Mountain Spirit turns into a seid and hibernates, gaining the power for the next hunt.

The dream of the Spirit are guarded by the dogs — the white and shaggy, that running faster than a deer. During the winter they are sitting on the tops of mountains and guarded the dreams of them master. And when the people coming to the mountain start to make a noise and bother the Spirit, the dogs drive unceremonious guests from the slopes away.

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