Magic storm

This story happened in the spring, when the ice yet was lying at the lake Imandra. This time were came to the Lapland the enemies and began burning the villages, rob and kill the people. The Lapps have had no strength to fight with the enemies and decided to go to a witch and ask for the help.

Came the Lapps to the witch and asked: “Help, please! Save us from the fierce enemies”. The witch promised to help, but ask about firewood, the innumerable firewood.

And started the Lapps to bring the firewood to witch house and took the witch very big kettle with water, put the kettle at a fire and started to throw the wild herbs at water.

Is stirring she the water, stirring and conjuring:


Curl! Curl snowflakes!

Hide the road behind curtains.

Drive the strangers from the traces.

Frost the strangers in the scales.



Three days and three nights was boiling she the potion. Three days and three nights was she twirling the spoon, awakened the snowstorm on the Imandra where were the enemies going. Three days and three nights was the snowstorm raged. Haven’t the strangers the place to hide from snowstorm — not found the shelter and all were frozen and turned in the stones.

And when the enemies into stones turned were, was the storm calm down, and the Lapps came to the lake. Had gone the Lapps ashore out and stood astonished — had melted ice on the lake and had appeared on the lake new island.

Rejoiced the Lapps that got rid of the enemies and named the new island Pyal’suolvish — the Clouds island. And from this time are living the Lapps in the peace, but sometimes in the autumn when in the night falls a fog on the island the souls of enemies go out from the stones and wander by the island looking for the way to escape.


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