Murman coast

Murman shore it is the north part of Kola Peninsula from the Norway border till the cape Svyatoy Nos (Holy Nose).

This territory was inhabited from ancient times. In the settlement Drozdovka the people were lived from the Mesolithic. This time there were another landscape with the tall trees and in the rivers were lived the beavers, but now it’s hard to believe it’s the true.

On the shore 2 000 BC were constructed the labyrinths. One of them is in the settlement Harlovka.

In 16thcentury on the cape Kegor (nowadays: cape Nemetskiy — German cape) peninsula Rybachiy had trading the merchant from Europe and North Russia.

Nowadays many settlements of Murman shore are uninhabited, many are closed for visiting and are accessible only with special passes.

The main town and port — Murmansk

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