Aroma of the Tundra

The spring soon coming and the tundra will scents like a French perfume.

Anybody knows what is the Chanel №5 — the perfume created by Ernest Beaux — Russian-born French perfumer, but very few people know what inspired Beaux to create the world famous perfume.

In 1918 he was working as a counter-intelligence officer on the Anglo/French concentration camp of Mudyug island, interrogating Bolsheviks captured by the White Russian and Allied armies. Beaux also was living at Murmansk and had a habit of walking to Semionovskoe lake near the trading port. Later he confessed to unique freshness of the polar air and fragrance of springs lakes had been inspired him to create the Chanel №5.

But may be Beaux had been living at Murmansk in the summer, he created another perfumes.

In Jul when Linnaeus borealis blooms the tundra scents like very expensive delicate fragrance; and in August — like mix of floral and berry fragrances.

Linnaeus borealis

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