The Chimney is the memorial in honor of bravery and fortitude the citizens of wartime Murmansk. It is created in memory of hard bombing June 18, 1942. This day one district of Murmansk was completely erased from the Earth during hard bombing and stayed only Chimney.

The idea for the Chimney was inspired by photo, done this day by military photographer E. Khaldey.

The Chimney is locates on south coast of Semenovskoe lake near the road to “Alyosha”. The Chimney is surrounded by the photo of town, done during the war. The Alley of Photo leads to the bench with a view on the lake. Right to the entrance of memorial is the observation desk with a view on the town.

The photo of Murmansk, done by military photographer E.Haldey June 18, 1942. This time the fires were extinguished, but the land yet was smoldered.

Murmansk June 18, 1942

The Panorama of memorial