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British graveyard

Murmansk New British Cemetery was opened in 1930. The 40 burials were moved from the Old British Cemetery that had been located on Burkova street and were used by No 86 General Hospital in 1918-1919.

 During 1918-1919 aliens soldiers from "Polar Bear Expedition" were buried on the hillside almost in the middle of the Murmansk. But in the early 1930-s the graves were moved on the periphery of the town on the planer’s field.

In the time of Soviet Union a government forgot about the graveyard, but in august 1991 the cemetery was turned into a memorial.


The Old British Cemetery (photo from Imperial War Museum) located on the hill in the center of the town. Two burial of private A.A.Thurston and sapper J.Jackson.




New British Cemetery, st. Rogozerskaya 14