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Post office

In the past century Post office of Murmansk was delivered a mail on the reindeer. In the middle of November reindeer started work at sledding on routes:

Murmansk — Teriberka
Teriberka — Vostochnaya Litsa
Pulosero — Lovosero
Lovosero — Ivanovka
Ponoy — Sosnovka
Umba — Kusomen
Kusomen — Pyalitsa
Ponoy — Kanevka


All route together amounted almost 1 000 km.

The route Murmansk — Teriberka was a longest in the post net —180 km, a postman works on this route 6 times at month.

Usually the postman completes the route in 2 day, but in case of bad weather postman stood in tundra, waiting for a blizzard finish.