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Super deep well

The Kola super deep well — reality flavored with mysticism

Kola super deep wellThe drilling work at Kola super deep well started at 1970 and during 25 years was drilled 12 262 m or 7.62 miles.

The Soviet Scientists have created different drilling projects — on the Caucasus or on the Caspian Sea, but driller N.Timofeev proved The Kola Peninsula is the best place for drilling. The main reason — the well will be located on the Baltic Shield and will give more serious and important material for research. Extracted core will contained the History of Earth during 3 billion years.

On the well, located near the town Zapolyarny, were working 16 research laboratories with the size like a medium sized plant, but to get a job at the well was very hard deal: 100 candidates at 1 vacancy, and lucky workers got the salary like 2-3 professors at Moscow.

Timofeev was right — mined core refuted all previous theory.

Kola super deep wellTheorists said the temperature in the bowels of Baltic shield will no more then 1 200˚ C till 15 km deep and will be possible to drill till 20 km or almost till the mantle. But on the 5 km the temperature up to 700˚ C, on 7 km up to 1 200˚C, and on the deep of 12 km — up more than 2 200˚C.

Also was broken the theory of layered structure of Earth. The granites were found 3 km deeper than told theorists, basalts were not found at all.

And the Earth became habitat at 1,5 billions years earlier. 14 types of petrified organisms were found on the deep with the age of 2,8 billions years.

More deep was found methane in the big amount, that broke the theory of biological origin of oil and gas.

Lunar soil delivered to Earth by Soviet Lunar rover is similar to the core from 3 km deep.

On the deep more than 9 500 km was found the gold with containing of 78 g at a ton with profitability for mining — 34g at the ton.

All this are a facts but the well gave some puzzles.

First: twice the drill was melted but this could happen only if the temperature in the well was close to solar one.

Second: one day the cable was cut, but the remnants of cable were not found during the drilling at the same place.

And in 1995 in the well occurred a strong explosion but the reason of explosion were not clarified.

Nowadays all works at the well are stopped.