The Kola Peninsula is full of secrets, arcana, puzzles and strange unresolved stories. Nobody knows who are constructs the seyds or pyramids, or how were used the labyrinths found on the Kola Peninsula.

In this chapter you will find some versions of answers.


Nobody knows how appears the Giant Kuyva image at the slope of the Kuyvchor in Lovozero tundras, but it is stays for years unchanged. What is the Kuyva? It is the dark silhouette looking like a human with the height 74 m. The saami call Kuyva “Dansing Lapp”, because from the lake the Kuyva looking dancing. The academician Fersman had been explored the Kuyva and found the silhouette is the combination of lichen, moss and water traces. Fersman had been wrote it 90 years ago. Passing by the time but Kuyva stays unchangeable not erased by the erosion. The saami’s legends tell — the Kuyva is the head of enemy troops, incinerated by the gods. The Lapps walking around never speak loud and never think bad about Kuyva to not make him angry. The legend about Kuyva is too similar to the legend about the giant hunter Orion, going to the Hyperborea for a bride. The Orion was offended the Hyperborea girl and the goddess Artemis incinerated the Orion. The ancient drawing done by muslim astronomer Al Zoufi almost identical the Kuyva image. And, if the Kuyva is the Orion it is mean the Seydozero is the habitat of Artemis.


On the Kola Peninsula are several ancient labyrinths, dating back to the 3000-2000 BC. These simple constructions have caused a lot of questions. Neither tourist and citizen nor researchers have the answer — what is this and what or were built. There are a few theories explaining the method of use the labyrinths: — fishing trap models, — altar, entrance to the Otherworld, — ancient symbol of the World, — calendar, — model of Solar system. But most likely the labyrinths are the ancient navigation system. First: all labyrinths all located near the river bank or on the sea coast. Second: for labyrinths were taken the stones with the quartz a mineral with the piezoelectric properties. The quartz is used in the oscillator for creating the carrier for radio station. This effect had been known by our ancestors who built the labyrinths. The labyrinths are full of energy and the people coming inside are feeling this energy, like they are opened a door to another world. The map of labyrinths of Kola Peninsula


In 2007 a team of scientists have did a discovery — found in the tundra of the Kola Peninsula ancient man-made pyramids. It’s very difficult to guess to the hills covered with moss and dwarf trees are the ancient pyramids. The Pyramids of Kola Peninsula are two stone structure 50 meters height, oriented by a cardinal directions and connected with a tunnel. The pyramids are man-made, but nobody knows how it was used. The Pyramids of Kola Peninsula are elder than the Egyptian, and were built 9 000 years ago, and were built up twice; inside the pyramids are the chambers with unknown function. The discovery is shown — Egypt isn’t the cradle of civilization and knowledge came from the North, but stays another question: who constructed the pyramids? The legendary Hyperboreans that Pliny the Elder wrote about in his "Natural History"? Or the Biarmians, described in the ancient Icelanders sagas? Or aliens from the Ursa Major?