Rivers A-K

On the Kola Peninsula are more than 100 000 rivers and creeks, many of them are unnamed. The rivers of Kola Peninsula mainly are shallow with stony river bed.



Drozdovka — a river at the Murman coast The name is mean place where are living the thrushes. The source: a lake Verchnee Pesochnoe, the estuary: Drozdovaya guba (the gulf of thrush) of Barents Sea. The length: 27 km, the catchment area: 413 sq.km. Generally Drozdovka looks like is very fast, shallow stream with stony bed, connecting the system of lakes. The river goes through more than 9 lakes before falls into Barents Sea. Near the estuary located the village Drozdovka.

Kola (river)

Kola — a river on the North of Kola Peninsula The Kola on the ancient Russian mean — the Polar Star and the name of river may translate like — northernmost river. The length is 86 km: the catchment area — 3,850 sq. km. The source — Notozero lake; the estuary — Kola Gulf 2 km on South from Murmansk. On the river established 3 places for salmon fishing. In 2017 the license on fishing had been cost: Catch and release — 24 hours — 4 500 rubles Catch and get — 6 hours — 2 000 rubles The panorama of river near the estuary