Varzuga (river)

Varzuga — a river at the South coast of Kola Peninsula.

The name of Varzuga may to translate from ancient Russian as “Hectic way” and its right for second part of river, or like “soiled way” and its right for full stream starting in the marshes and having the slightly brown color of water.

The length is 264 km; the catchment area — 9 840

The source is the marshes in the center of the Kola Peninsula; the estuary — the White sea.

First 90 km the river is called “Malaya Varzuga” (small Varzuga) and is slowly streams (0.2-0,3 m/c) by the marshes, but before the estuary of Fomkin creek, after the 6-meter high waterfall the stream is becoming faster (0.5 m/c), rocky and rapidshare.

The second half of the river (from 130 km) is full of rapids and become calm only near the village Varzuga and before the estuary near village Kuzomen’.

The river is suitable for kayaking, but requires the high skill and experience.