Yudychvumchorr — the ridge near the Buzzing valley (saami: yudze — buzzing (constantly), vum — valley, chorr — ridge). It is the highest mountain peak of the Murmansk region. The height is 1,200.6 m.

Yudichvumchorr is a mountain with a relatively flat top and steep slopes. On the eastern slope on the high 848.8 m is the Western Petrelius Pass (848.4 m) leading to the valley of Petrelius River and further to the valley of Kuniyok River. By the southern foothill is paved one of main Khibiny trek from rail station in the middle of mountain range.

According to legend, the valley is called Buzzing because the Great Mountain Spirit of Khibiny is living at the top of mount and when he is sleeping (its continue all winter) he snores and all around are shake and buzz.