Lovozero Tundras

The Lovozero Massif or Lovozero Tundras — is a mountain range in the middle of Kola Peninsula. On the saami language the name of range is Luyavurt — the range near strong lake.

The area of range is 650 sq.km. The highest peak — Angvundaschorr — 1 120m.

Lovozero Tundras was the volcano of late Devonian period, and has the age approximately 350 million years. The volcano has a radius about 25 km and the high around 5 km and was destroyed by glacier.

On the Luyavurt had been described at least 105 valid minerals and 39 were initially discovered on the Luyavurt. The loparit from Lujavrurt has an age of 280-300 million years.

The Luyavurt has many touristic routes. Main route: from Revda to Seydozero — the lake in the middle of range.

The tourist are looking not just picturesque view and minerals, but the yeti, the ruins of Hyperborea and the entrance to the world of spirits which by the saami legends the humans were able to walk into this world only in two places located near lake Seydozero and in the rocks of mountain Alluayv.

The map of Lovozero Tundras


Angvundaschorr — the highest mountain of Lovozero Tundras. The name mean: “mountain with sandy slopes" (Saam.) The Mountain is located almost in the middle of horseshoe of the Lovozero Tundras and has two peaks — 1 120,6 & 1 116,7 m high. At the foothill of southern slope is located the lake Sengisyavr, near the northern slope — lake Gor’koe (Bitter lake), on the western slope is the valley of two creeks — Anguayok and Azimut, on the eastern slope — Chinglusuay. On the left edge of the south wall in 2012 was paved the climbing route with the category PD.


Carnasurt — the mountain 9 km on the SE from Revda. The height is 942.1 m. The name is mean: the Raven range (saam.) Near the western foothills of mount is the settlement Il’ma and the lake Il’ma, the mine "Carnasurt" and the hiking trail to the Seydozero lake. The mount is the home for two specially protected areas: the park “Gora Flora” (mount Flora) and field “Yubileynaya” (Anniversary) — the pegmatite fields full of minerals 9 of which were first time described on the Carnasurt.


El’morayok —the mount in the northern part of range near NW Coast of Seydozero Lake with the height — 858.7 m. The name mean: mountain river near a mire (saam.) The NE part of mount is sloping, but southern slopes are steep. On the western slope is source of El’morayok river, and by the foothills is paved the route to Seydozero. By the top of mountain is paved the hiking route №6.


Kuyva — the range on the SW part of plateau El’morayok. The height of Kuyva — 589m. The mountain is staying on the way from Revda to Seydozero lake. Near the mount are paved two winter ski routes № 3,4. The mountain is a tourist attraction because of its legend according to which the mount bears an imprint of the killed warlock Kuyva and thus the mountain is considered to be forbidding for the rock-climbers. Despite this the tourist are climbing the mount by the SE side of mount. The view from Kuyva on the Seydozero lake