The page about a notable mountains not include in the range. Not about all, but standing out among others.


Gorelaya mt

The height — 253.6 m (833 ft) The name is mean - burnt. The Mount is located almost in the middle of the Murmansk and top the mount is very easily by the road paved to the radio center. But need to be alert — the road is used for downhill.The view from the top

Mishukova mt

The mount is on the west coast of Kola gulf, opposite the Rosta district. The height — 348.8 m (1 145ft). On the top of mount during WWII was situated the post of monitoring and warning about the attack of the Fascist Air Force. On the east slope on the height 277 were located the antiaircraft battery and till nowadays here are the remnants of dugouts. From the top of mount opens the breathtaking view at the town seen almost in full.The panorama of the town The view at the north The dugouts at the 277

Solnechnaya mt

The Tundra Solnechnaya is the mount 305,9 m high (1003 ft). The name mean — Sunny Mt and the mount got the name because in the January the top of Mount used to watch first sunrise after the Polar night. To the top of mount paved the country road and the distance from the town street to the top is 4 km (2.49 miles). The top of mount is: 1.The best place to do the panoramic photo 2.The start for snowboarding in the Winter and downhill in the Summer. Along the north slope is paved the path to the Mogil’noe (sepulchral) canyon. The view from the top - the view in full