World War II began on Kola Penninsula 22 June 1941. Here operated army of N.Falkenhorst. In the middle of august 1941 german troops were stopped within 90 km of Kandalaksha and within 60 km of Murmansk.The front line remained virtually unchanged until the autumn of 1944.

 From January 1942 through the Kola Peninsula were held Lend-Lease Act of the United States and Britain.

 The peninsula was released by mid-October 1944.


 Мilitary photo albums - krigsbilder.net is operated by Tore Greiner Eggan from Trondhiem, Norway.

On display is his collection of photos taken by German soldiers during WWII.

All of the albums has an connection to Norway, but you will find photos from all over Europe. 95 % of the photos are from photo albums owned by him.