Towns A-K

The type of settlement:


2.Urban-type settlement

3.Train Station

4.Selos (село, selo; pl. сёла, syola), also translated as "village". Historically, a selo differed from a village in that it had an Orthodox church.



Gorodetskiy mayak

Gorodetskiy mayak — the name is mean the Gorodetskiy Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is on located on the Tersky coast of the White sea. The settlement was founded in 1898, when the Lighthouse had started to work. This year on the Gorodetskiy cape had been finished the construction of Lighthouse and were constructed the buildings for workers and their families. In 1970th on the cape had been constructed new modern complex with two new cottages for workers. In 2010 in Gorodetskiy Mayak were lived 6 people.


Imandra — the village on the coast of the Imandra lake, 148 km on the south from Murmansk. The village was grown up during constructing of Murmansk railroad, and later was a base for expedition in the Khibiny. In 1936 here were constructed the pier and began working summer shipping route to Monchegorsk were been constructed “Severonickel”. Nowadays in the village are living 19 people, working on the rail station and power line. From the village to the mountain paved the touristic route to the passages leading to the Kuel’porr rescue base and hotel. How to get to Imandra? Imandra is reachable only by the railroad. Here is two way: from Murmansk or from Apatity on the train or on the shuttle. The price: On the train — from 477 ruble On the shuttle — 241 ruble The map: