Chavan’ga — a selo at the Tersky coast of the White Sea near the estuary of the river Chavanga.

The name got from the name of river with source at the marshes and mean marshy river.

According to archaeological data Chavang was inhabited 4,000 years ago. Near the village were found the ceramic kettle 4 000 years old. Now this vessel is exhibited in the museum of Apatity.

The documentary history of Chavangi begins in the 17th century — the fish from village was delivered at monastery of Solovki, and Chavanga got in the payrolls.

Chavanga never was the big village — in 1915 here were lived 278 people, nowadays —no more than 80.

The attraction of Chavanga — the herd of wild horses moved here in the last century and a waterfall — the one of 12 natural miracle of Murmansk region.

How to get to Chavan’ga?

In the summer the Chavanga is reachable by the sea. One time per month here is going the ship "Klavdiya Elanskaya".

Also it is the country road along the sea shore quite passable on the jeep.