Laplandiya — is a railway station 17 km north of Olenegorsk and 90 km south of Murmansk.

The station was built in the second half of the 1920s, near the peat extraction and had a name Masel’ga by the name of ancient pogost.

On the station are living 70 people (data of 2010).

The Laplandiya is located in the heart of the Russian part of Lapland — a Wonderland — the habitat of elves and gnomes. This place was famous like a strange place where the things were suddenly appeared and disappeared.

The station-keepers were said it was the games of chahkli — the local gnomes, who had been greeted kind people and punished the wicked.

Laplandiya is the birthplace of Russian Santa Claus — Father Frost, on Russian Ded Moroz.