Cat Simon

It’s one of the kindest and dearest monument in the world. Cat Simon was lost on the vacation during a stop in Moscow. 6 years the Cat was going by the road to home. He passed more than 2 000 km to back in Murmansk. The Cat fulfills the wishes if you will to sit near the Cat and scratch his ear or touch his nose. The Location: 68°59′39″N, 33°5′40″E 68.994205, 33.094369


The Chimney is the memorial in honor of bravery and fortitude the citizens of wartime Murmansk. It is created in memory of hard bombing June 18, 1942. This day one district of Murmansk was completely erased from the Earth during hard bombing and stayed only Chimney. The idea for the Chimney was inspired by photo, done this day by military photographer E. Khaldey. The Chimney is locates on south coast of Semenovskoe lake near the road to “Alyosha”. The Chimney is surrounded by the photo of town, done during the war. The Alley of Photo leads to the bench with a view on the lake. Right to the entrance of memorial is the observation desk with a view on the town. The photo of Murmansk is done by military photographer E.Haldey June 18, 1942. This time the fires were extinguished, but the land yet was smoldered The panorama of memorial


October 2 2015 in Central Park of Murmansk opened new monument — The Cod on the iron fishnet. The idea of monument first proposed the scientist of Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography. In 2014 citizens of Murmansk have created not less than 20 different projects of monument. On this basic where created the model and the masters of Murmansk where constructed The Cod. The Cod is done from natural stone and is 120 cm length, and 32 kg weight. For the good luck need to scratch a nose of the Cod.

Cube of Knowledge

The Cube of Knowledge is located in Park of Youth in the beginning of Shmidta street near the Murmansk State Technical University. The author of Cube — Constantin Novikov told he had seen the Cube in the dream. The Cube is illuminated in the darkness and the alleys lead to the Cube also.


GAS-AA is the monument of the motorist 1930-1940th. On the pedestal is installed the GAS-AA — a lorry with capacity 1 500 kg (on Russian – “polutorka” – meaning one and a half). The GAS-AA was the main lorry during the construction of first five-year plans and during the WWII. Before the monument was installed on the street "Tersky pereulok", but later was moved on the outskirts of Murmansk and to get to monument now is not easy. Location: 69°0′32″N, 33°8′E 69.009027, 33.133404

Iron guitar

Are you the fan of hard-rock or rock-n-roll and like to take a good riff? Try to get one in Murmansk at the bar “Rock-h-Roll” in front of which you can find a one very special instrument. The Iron Guitar is forged by blacksmith Maxim Prozhevarov. The iron musical instrument is 250 cm high and located in the front door of the Rock-n-Roll bar on the Lenina street 11.

Old maple

Old maple is one of the Murmansk attractions by two reasons. First reason: this maple was planted on the ground floor of Murmansk Train station to greet comandante Fidel Castro, visited Murmansk at April 27-28, 1963. Second reason: the maple — a deciduous tree 10-45 m high, appearing in the Europe up to 62˚, but Murmansk is at 69˚; and our Maple is grown and blossom despite an unfamiliar climate. Location — the square on the ground floor of Train Station: 68°58′20″N, 33°4′16″E 68.972175, 33.070983

to frontier guards of Arctic

May 27, 2013in the square near the Theater was opened the monument dedicated to frontier guards of Arctic. The idea was submitted by veteran of Border Service. The author is I.Mel’nikov. On the pedestal are stayed three men and dog. Behind them — the border pillar A-35 from ridge Musta-Tunturi. This is the legendary pillar, because during the whole war the Nazis couldn’t cross the border on the North of USSR.