Varzuga (selo)

Varzuga — the ancient pomors village, staying on the both sides of the river Varzuga 20 km on the north from estuary.

The name of Varzuga may translate from ancient Russian as “Hectic way” or like “soiled way”.

The documental history of village starts in 1466, when Varzuga was first time mentioned in written sources. This time the village was under control of the medieval trading city of Novgorod. Later Varzuga was under control of different monastery, mainly — Solovki monastery.

In the village in the different times where constructed 4 churches: first one — the Church of Saint Nicholas (1491), the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin (1674), Church of Saint Afanasii (XIX century), the Church of Apostles Peter and Paul. Except first one, last three stayed till nowadays.

Nowadays in the Varzuga are living 363 people (2010). Main company — kolkhoz “Vshody kommunizma”, main occupation — salmon fishing and tourism, one of the famous guests of Varzuga was Eric Clapton.

How to get to Varzuga?

By the car: from Kandalaksha to Varzuga 250 km (155 mile). By the bus: Bus № 223 leaves Kandalaksha's train station three times per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 07:30, and leaves Varzuga at 15:00.