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Lovozero Tundras

 Lovozero Tundras

The Lovozero Massif or Lovozero Tundras — is a mountain range in the middle of Kola Peninsula. On the saami language the name of range is Luyavurt — the range near strong lake.
 The area of range is 650 km2. The highest peak — Angvundaschorr — 1 120m.

Lovozero Tundras was the volcano of late Devonian period, and has the age approximately 350 million years. The volcano has a radius about 25 km and the high around 5 km and was destroyed by glacier.

On the Luyavurt had been described at least 105 valid minerals and 39 were initially discovered on the Luyavurt. The loparit from Lujavrurt has an age of 280-300 million years.

The Luyavurt has many touristic routes. Main route — from Revda to Seydozero — the lake in the middle of range.

The tourist are looking not just picturesque view and minerals, but the yeti, the ruins of Hyperborea and the entrance to the world of spirits which by the saami legends the humans were able to walk into this world only in two places located near lake Seydozero and in the rocks of mountain Alluayv.

The map of Lovozero Tundras

Map of Lovozero Tundras