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Tersko-Orlovskiy mayak

Tersko-Orlovskiy mayak — the settlement on the most east point of kola Peninsula, got his name by the Lighthouse (mayak — mean the lighthouse) and name of the capes between which is staying the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse was constructed here in 1843 by the monks of Solovki monastery.

One time the lighthouse keeper was the woman — Tatyana Kukoverova, about which tell the legends. She was very brave and selfless, and many times saved she the lives of sailors. The Saami’s called she the Czarina, but Alexander II was unsatisfied to people call ordinary woman — the czarina (the Russian royal title) and ordered call her — the Queen.

From the time of construction till now here is working a weather station.

The population of settlement is 9 people (2010)