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Khibiny or Umptek (saam. closed mountains) — the mountains massif covering 1 300 km2, is the highest on the Kola Peninsula — relative elevation of 900–1000 m above the surrounding plain. The highest peaks are Yudychvumchorr (saam. ridge near buzzing valley) standing 1 201 m (3940 ft) and Chasnachorr (saam. woodpecker ridge) 1 191 m (3 907 ft).

The Khibiny is a remains of the ancient volcano, thereby the massif has a form of a horseshoe with a lake in middle. The peaks of Khibiny are of plateau type with steep slopes, a glacier, icefields and snowfields. The overall terrain is alpine tundra.

In 1920th in the Khibiny began the mining and exploration work in the course of which were discovered to the Khibiny are extremely rich in minerals, mainly apatite and nepheline ores. 477 valid minerals have been reported and 108 of those are type localities or minerals first described in the Khibiny.

At the foot of the mountain located two town: Apatity and Kirovsk — main tourist center of Kola Peninsula with the ski resort and many trekking route.

 Ski resort Khibiny